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Cloud-based technologies can revolutionise a company’s operations

The use of the cloud technology in today’s modern workplaces
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What exactly is cloud technology?

Effectively, it is the ability to store and access information, documentation and applications through the internet, rather than through hard drives as has traditionally been the case. In detail, Cloud solutions can be considered as a tree from which a business has various roots, stretching across different departments, offices, services and more, with the Cloud technology being the central hub that links them all together and enables co-operation.

Transforming your industry with cloud solutions

The most interesting Kyocera insights about cloud-based technology for your business

  • How cloud can transform the way you work

    Cloud solutions continues to reveal a new world of possibilities for companies in terms of content management and data security.

  • Moving your company’s data to a cloud solution

    Every company is unique - Make sure your data migration is customised to meet your business needs.

  • How the cloud is transforming education

    Educational institutions could benefit from cloud solutions, from lowering costs to improved access to resources.

Optimising process with cloud-based solutions

Find out all the ways your company can benefit from cloud technology.

  • Will cloud solutions be the same after 5G?

    Internet 5G and its features look likely to revolutionise the way we use cloud-based solutions in the workplace.

  • Optimising invoice processing

    Streamline how your invoices are processed is essential in the new modern workplace.

  • The future of content management

    Discover what lies ahead for content management systems.

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Kyocera obtained ISMS Cloud Security Certification

The certification recognises adequate information security management for cloud security to protect important data from various threats and mitigate risks.

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Discover the benefits of KYOCERA Cloud Print and Scan

Our brand new KYOCERA Cloud Print and Scan is a secure, user-friendly, intuitive Cloud-based Print & Cost Management solution that helps you remove IT-related costs so that you can efficiently manage the printing expenses of your organisation.

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