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    Remote Working

    Your path to a more collaborative and efficient remote workplace
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    We are all hearing the term: Remote Work. But what does it mean?

    Remote Work, also known as “Smart Working” or “Working from Home”, is the ability to work from any place or location, without having to be present in a traditional corporate office. it is based on the idea that most professionals don’t actually need to commute to a specific place to perform their tasks effectively. 

    However, in order for professionals to work optimally, it is important to provide some guidance, or policies, so that both organisations and employees can benefit from Remote Working with greater flexibility, improved health and wellness, increased motivation, higher productivity and even significant cost savings.

    Read more how to make Remote Working successful for your employees and organisation.

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    Download the e-book and discover why your organisation should employ such a policy.

    The first steps to a remote work environment

    Establish an ideal work-life balance and create a consistent work-from-home policy.

    • Taking care of mental health when working remotely

      Remote working means being out of our comfort zones, but with the right approach this new way of working can be revitalizing and engaging.

    • Tools required for remote project management

      Streamlining processes and mobilising teams to produce quality work and meet deadlines is paramount for companies adopting remote working.

    • What a home working policy looks like

      Defining your organiszation’s approach is essential into making remote working successful.

    Improving your remote work office set up

    Are you looking for insights on tools and data security for your remote work environment?

    • Identifying cybersecurity threats

      Protecting data in the age of remote working is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s businesses.

    • Use technology to communicate effectively

      The immediate need for increased enterprise mobility will be underpinned by communication and driven by technology.

    • What is containerisation?

      As companies become increasingly mobile, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon grows.

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    The link between mobility, happiness, and productivity

    Employees today are breaking free from the traditional nine-to-five mentality thanks to high-speed wireless internet, smartphones, and the cloud. Mobile technology represents a real opportunity to improve business productivity and increase the happiness of your employees by giving them the freedom to work from anywhere at any time.

    Why Enterprise Mobility?

    Discover the priorities for organisations when evaluating the use of personal devices for business purposes.

    • Proximity technology optimises enterprise mobility

      Companies that fail to embrace enterprise mobility are destined to fall behind.

    • Embracing Enterprise Mobility

      Markets and consumers are demanding businesses to become more mobile.

    • Printing and Enterprise Mobility

      Being mobile and having print accessibility is fundamental for professionals in a wide range of situations.

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