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The rise of remote monitoring in modern business

Today’s businesses demand greater control over their printing fleets while reducing overall costs.
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With each passing day the world continues to be presented with new challenges which make us examine the way we work, live, and interact with one another. New business models are replacing outdated processes and methods of communication, while new concepts of enterprise mobility, smart working and collaboration have come to the forefront.

The rise of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) now presents businesses with tremendous opportunities for accelerating digital transformation and uncovering new angles for growth. Such connectivity has crossed over into our own working lives and the increasing need for companies to be more agile and more adaptable to rapidly changing markets has seen more and more businesses embrace mobility.

In order to thrive in a business world driven by globalisation, where time zones count for little, mobility is simply a must. 

The new era of printing

When you consider that, according to Forbes, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) market is on course to surpass €330 billion by 2022, a massive increase of €27 billion since 2014, it’s clear that mobility is the present and the future.

The printing industry is no different, and by working closely with dealers and their customers, Kyocera Documents Solutions Europe has realised the need for innovative solutions in the area of mobility, a trend which will shape virtually all business models in the coming years.

Mobility now not only relates to sending print jobs from an employee’s smart device, remote monitoring and management of printers also has a major role to play in this sphere.

Docutrend explain how, “Remote monitoring is a software capability that lets service providers remotely and proactively monitor networks and devices on these networks—including printers and MFPs.” 

The key to solutions such as KYOCERA Fleet Services (KFS) is the ability to manage devices remotely and configure these devices, all while providing real-time information to businesses. This level of analysis allows users to identify potential faults before they happen so they can organise the necessary maintenance, thus significantly reducing downtime and expenses.

Moreover, remote assistance via the cloud now enables dealers to honour service-level agreement (SLA) with their clients by facilitating quicker repair times.

Smart workplaces are underpinned by the latest technology, and KYOCERA Fleet Services helps companies grow in an increasingly competitive business world by optimising service operation costs and improving service productivity through remote maintenance.

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More mobility, more control

With this greater visibility, increased real-time data and the ability to manage their devices remotely, remote management is set to play a crucial role as the printing industry pivots towards IT solutions.

Now, through Internet of Things (IoT) technology and artificial intelligence, along with the capabilities of its existing Fleet Services software solutions, Kyocera is launching its KYOCERA Fleet Services Upgrade Version 1.8, aimed at better serving the needs of its customers even quicker than before. This upgrade now makes it possible for businesses to manage their entire fleet from one place regardless of device brand, helping to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Users will now receive notifications in the event the gateway server is offline and the gateway UI shows a detailed message of a device registration failure, thus reducing costly downtime. Many fleets now consist of devices from different manufacturers and customers are seeking a solution that allows them to monitor and analyse the performance data of their entire fleet from the one place at any time. 

With its latest upgrade, Kyocera has addressed this need by improving Gateway capability. This allows businesses to extend third party device support, streamline processes, and improve efficiency by accommodating up to 2,000 devices.

A secure future

Kyocera is committed to a secure, digital future and KYOCERA Fleet Services provides users with the latest firmware upgrades to ensure devices are performing optimally and safe from the increasing cyberthreats facing today’s companies. Furthermore, by minimising the number of consumables, overall sustainability is enhanced.

Innovative IT solutions are the future and Kyocera, through KYOCERA Fleet Services, is proud to be a leader of mobility innovation and a driver of digitalisation in the printing industry.


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KYOCERA Fleet Services Upgrade Version 1.8

Manage your entire fleet while receiving additional consumable information from third party devices, helping your business to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

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