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A case for switching to inkjet production print

Future-proofing your business
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As we have seen in the past two years, the future can be unpredictable and unsure. This is particularly true for businesses - who experienced a sort of whiplash when they had to come up with a plan for a totally different type of world within weeks, some - even days.

This was detrimental to many businesses, especially because their entire plan was built around how the world worked before Covid-19. So, how do we safeguard your business from similar profound impacts going forward?

Future-proofing your business

We understand that a constantly shifting marketplace is difficult to contend with, but it’s a challenge that needs to be addressed to stay in business. If one thing is clear from the pandemic, it’s that businesses who survived were able to innovate and adapt, and quickly. The companies who were more efficient, productive, and served their customers better were the ones who made it out of the pandemic stronger than before. In short, businesses who are innovative are resilient have shown tenacity in the face of adversity, thinking out of the box and embracing new opportunities to better address the ongoing needs of their clients.

The same is true of print service providers (PSPs).

How to guarantee resilience as a Print Service Provider

Print margins and volumes are under pressure, which has put PSPs in a precarious position. Any misstep could cause your company to lag behind and quickly become irrelevant. The focus on delivering upon basic business needs and how to compete in an extraordinary niche, albeit competitive landscape, is key to survival.

One of the solutions that is often overlooked are the use of inkjet printers. With rapidly shifting market conditions, they are in an excellent position to be your secret weapon in staying competitive when all your peers are folding because they have neglected to adapt.

Below, we’ll outline a few challenges for PSPs and how switching to inkjet can help you not only innovate but, survive, and thrive.

Optimising efficiency

Any time your printers aren’t printing is revenue lost. The equipment you choose will directly have an impact on both the investment and output potential of your company. Start-up routines, maintenance, training and more all must be considered for their effect on efficiency and overall productivity.

How inkjet helps

Inkjet helps you build a business on high availability for your customers, guaranteeing that you can hit deadlines reliably. The high return on productivity is because, unlike toner-based systems, inkjet printers don’t need repetitive color calibration, start-up routines or prolonged maintenance, making them the streamlined printing option.

Higher demand for faster turnover times

Over the years, the number of printing jobs has increased, while at the same time, the average run length of a job is rapidly decreasing. Despite this, printer and maintenance costs have remained stable, or even increased, leading to slimmer profit margins for PSPs.

How inkjet helps

While most companies are trying to make the high-volume printing of the past work, they’re losing out on lucrative, low-volume work. The key to taking advantage of this fact is to invest in less systems and focus on higher stability. Inkjet plays a key role in delivering quality, low volume printing that is reliable and adaptable. Through the ability to print high or low volumes of content, both static and variable, inkjet can turn around work faster than ever without the need for hybrid solutions or templates.

Growing customer expectations

Low customer satisfaction will inevitably hurt your business. Unfortunately, this is more difficult in a post-Covid-19 climate. Today, customers want something easy to use, fast and economical. On top of this, they still want quality without raining concerns on sustainability.

How inkjet helps

Inkjet creates the space for easier personalisation. Personalised printing is quick and efficient, creating an attractive technology for attractive communications and customer needs. Cut sheet inkjet systems are simple, drastically reducing replaceable parts with no need for toner, drums, belts or fusers, and have extremely low energy consumption. In addition, with Kyocera's sheet-fed inkjet technology, you have the ability to offer new applications to your customers that are difficult or impossible with toner-based products or offset presses.

Stand out for the future

Inkjet is set to revolutionise the production print industry. With it, you can produce applications that other technologies can’t, enabling you to take advantage of opportunities that competitors are largely ignoring. The result? You stand out with the right product mix, at the right time, quality and cost for your customers and your business.

If you’re ready to gain the resilience of inkjet, you’re only two steps away: contact us, then meet with one of our experts so we can work together in future-proofing your business.


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